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Payment before the start of work in all cases when it comes to the queue If it's not yet the queue, please pay 50% after the briefing/concluding the balance.All events cannot be canceled, we will blacklist immediately after cancellation and will refund 20% only for those who paid the full amount.Duration of work depends on details We will notify you after the client briefs most of the work within 2 weeks/1Disturb the briefing in complete detail for convenience and speed of workNot accepting urgent work in all cases / 1 person can order 2 jobs in each work cycleEvery job we will ask for permission to use as a commission example next time.Submit work with GMAIL / Due to the large file size, only one channel is sent.All price rates are just start-ups, they can always add more prices.Please do not ask for a reduction, we will not accept the job immediately and put it on the Blacklist, but can set a budget, we will help control the details of the job. (Must have money greater than or equal to the start-up price of each scale only)Commercial x2.5 from the price of the work. Disturbing notice at the briefing.

commission info

Bust upstart30 USD
Half bodystart50 USD
full bodystart75 USD

commission vtube info

commission specifically for vtuber model!

Halfbody Vtuber Model : 500 USD +can request for 3 expressions

Fullbody Vtuber Mode l: 1000 USD +can request for 5 expressions
can request 1 commission he/her
(can be used as an illustration or background )

> ready to rig

sent in PSD file

full detailed

Total price for commercial use

You can pay in installments at your convenience!


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